PEMF For Lyme Disease

PEMF For Lyme Disease


PEMF For Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease in Herndon, VA: Lyme disease infection is quickly becoming an epidemic. The Center for Disease control estimates that about 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported to CDC each year. However this number does not reflect every case of diagnosed Lyme disease . The CDC states that “Recent estimates using other methods suggest that approximately 300,000 people may get Lyme disease each year in the US.”

Lyme disease can be acute or chronic. In the acute stage , antibiotics will usually be sufficient . However many cases of acute Lyme are missed and they become chronic. Once chronic, Lyme is hard to completely eradicate. In chronic cases of Lyme, PEMF can be very helpful .

PEMF reduces inflammation, improves circulation , diminishes pain and in general improves the health of the cells of the body.

Chronic pain is unfortunately very common in Lyme patient’s. In todays opioid crisis, narcotics should not be the first line of pain control. PEMF therapy can help with pain without side effects or downtime.

PEMF works at the cellular level. PEMF helps to restore normal cell membrane function, allowing toxins to exit the cell and nutrients to enter the cell. Lyme organisms hideout inside the cell. Improving the health of the cell will enable the cell to better resist the Lyme organisms.

PEMF can also be applied to the brain. Neuro-borreliosis (Lyme disease in the brain) is especially difficult to treat, since many medical / alternative therapies do not cross the blood brain barrier. PEMF can improve the permeability of the blood brain barrier allowing the brain better access to treatments, supplements , herbs, etc.

I wish I could tell you that PEMF will cure your Lyme disease but I cannot say that. However PEMF can be dramatically helpful for many people and should be integral to any Lyme treatment program.

I invite you to try our introductory offer: A comprehensive consultation and one hour PEMF session for $40. Based on your case and how your respond to the therapy we will suggest the package or options that are best suited for your health care goals.