NAET Success Stories

NAET Success Stories

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique Testimonials

*Results of NAET treatment may vary from person to person

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What was it like before you came to see us?

Every time I ate eggs I would get stomach discomfort and feel ill most of the day. Sometimes I’d get a headache.

How is it now?

I eat eggs every other morning with no problem. It is remarkable.


What was is like before you came in to see us?

Anthony was mostly unhappy, woke up crying lots of mornings, had several tantrums every day. Got upset very easily. Low attention span and extremely clingy.

How is it now?

He wakes up happy (smiles at mom and dad) and has lots of kisses and hugs for everyone in the house. Sings a lot, loves listening to toddler tunes and singing along; plays with legos and cars; eats and sleeps very well generally. Also Anthony does great in preschool. Tantrums are rare and very short. So, we are very pleased to see great changes in his behavior.

-Cristina C*

What was it like before you came to see us?

After eating certain foods, especially wheat, I wold have an itchy scalp and arthritic pain in my joints. I would also have an irritable disposition.

What is it like now?

After being treated for wheat my symptoms have disappeared. NAET is a truly healing experience.

-Theresa M*

What was it like before you came to see us?

When I ate anything with corn in it, corn starch, corn syrup, corn chips, tortillas or regular corn, I would immediactely get red swollen eyes. My joints would also become sore and these symptoms would not suubside for about two weeks

What is it like now?

I have no symptoms after eating corn, corn syrup, corn starch or other corn products. I feel completely normal

-Merilee C*

What was it like before you came in to see us?

In addition to several Food Allergies, including anaphylactic levels to peanut, our 5 year old son was diagnosed by a well known Doctor at Johns Hopkins as “environmentally sensitive” – meaning he was pretty much allergic to everything in his world. We had been dealing with a variety of symptoms since about his first birthday. Our son suffered from chronic sinus infections, ended up in the ER numerous times a year, has had tubes twice, sinus surgery, and was on many types of medicine including year round antibiotics and nebulizers. No one seemed to know how to give him a higher quality of life or any hope of getting him off some of the medicine he was taking. We were so frustrated to just be treating the symptoms. We felt that there was something we were missing.

Dr. Wichin, through NAET changed our son’s life! We were introduced to Dr. Wichin and NAET just before our son turned 6 years old. He was the first person How is it now?to give us any hope for better health for our son. Within one year, he is in the best health of his life. As we have taken him to his various Doctor appointments this past year, they have been amazed at the transformation in his body and agree that he has never looked better. We had several weather and mold issues that are completely gone. He has only had one sinus infection in over 1 year. He is gaining weight and has much more energy. We have also been able to wean him off a few of his prescriptions. We still go to our allergist to proactively treat our son’s environmental allergies, but NAET used in combination with the more traditional allergy treatments have brought us to those last steps in controlling our sons issues. Our sons body is dealing better with changes in the seasons, different foods and all the other environmental triggers in his world. We truly feel like we found the missing piece to our son’s puzzle through NAET.

-Penny J.*

Our 14 year old son had stomach troubles since 9 or 10, had 4 endoscopies after 60 pricks from the allergist to determine what foods to avoid and was given only the hope that after 6 more endoscopies the MD could inform him what foods he should stay away from the rest of his life.Well last fall we learned about NAET performed by Dr Wichin. We cancelled our son’s scheduled endoscopy and began the NAET treatments. He now feels much better and doesn’t have to avoid anything in his diet. We’re thrilled.

-Judy B.*

My son received NAET and now takes no medecine for his allergies and is fine. He was facing 5 years of 3 allergy shots a week if we went back to the allergist. Mark no longer has to take medecine to control his allergies which in the past sometimes included steroids.

-Sara N.*

I started doing NAET 3 years ago. The biggest benefit is going from being unable to breath around cats and dogs to having a cat in my own home with no sniffles, no watery eyes, and no sneezing. Also being releived of my mold allergy has made it much easier to stay in hotels or houses at the beach.

Two of our daughters were also getting sick after eating pizza. It turns out one was allergic to the tomatoes and one to the cheese. After getting treament we are all able to eat my favorite food- pizza!

-Cindy V.*

After being highly allergic to cats for many years, I visited my aunt’s farm. That night, her cat decided to sleep on my stomach. The cat spent the night right next to me and I was completely fine the next day. It was the most surreal thing, being able to interact with cats without any problems.

-Sharon S.*

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