NAET Case Studies

NAET Case Studies

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique


*Results of NAET treatment may vary from person to person

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Health Freedom Finally! *

I treated a 70-year old female recently. For 40 years she was unable to wear any jewelry made with gold, siliver or imitation. It did not matter if it was cheap or expensive, she reacted the same.She was also allergic to all dish detergents and slways she had to wear rubber gloves to do the dishes. If she touched the soap or detergent, her hands would break out in painful blisters and they took very long to heal.Initially she was very skeptical of the NAET process, but decided to give it a try. By the time she completed the NAET basic 15 treatments, she was no loner reacting to the detergents and she was able to wash the dishes without wearing gloves. Her reactions to various metals were also reduced. She was tested for all her jewelry and founs she was still allergic to them. So she was treated for all her personal jewelry. After the successful treatment for her personal jewelry she is able to wear rings, necklaces, and she got her ears pierced and now can wear earrings. She says that she is a believer in NAET now and is very happy that NAET gave her the health freedom that she longed to own her entire life. *

Seasonal Allergies*

I treated a six year old boy for spring time allergies who when he first arrived in my office was suffering from watery eyes and runny nose everyday without relief. He experienced significant improvement with his watery eyes and runny nose especially in the severity of his symptoms after being treated for BBF and egg mix. As we continued with his basic treatments his condition normalized rapidly and I even received a phone call from his naturopathic physician to express how happy he was to observe the rapid progress. The child made. No More Allergies to Animals Tanner came to me with multitude of allergies. One of his major allergies was an allergy to animals. He would break out in hives if he came close to any animal. After the basic treatments he was treated for animal dander on a Saturday morning. After the 25 hour avoidance period, he visited his grandparents. They had a dog and he played with him by petting and touching for over an hour.He did not have any adverse symptoms at all. Since then he has had numerous encounters with various animals without any trace of prior problems. *

Four Year Old Boy Cured of Rash*

S. was a four year old boy who had suffered from a total body rash his entire life. At approximately two weeks of age he lost all of his skin in a massive shedding where upon he transferred to a university center where he battled for his life for several weeks. When I first met the boy he had thick scales all over his body, many of which were red and angry looking. His mother was keeping him away from milk and eggs at the time as he had been RAST tested. His problems at presentation were his marked eczema with scratching and sores which kept him from sleeping well, inability to go outside because of urticaria, and chronic abdominal pains and diarrhea. He was so allergic to egg that even holding an unbroken egg would cause him to break out in hivesH He underwent NAET treatments going through the major foods and finally chemicals, pesticides and pollens. Today JS is a very happy boy. He can play outside any time, eat what he wants, and sleep through the night without itching or using special creams.

– David Shultz, MD


I am a 47 year old woman who was about 30 pounds overweight, mostly around the middle, who had constant digestive problems and fatigue for many years. I also suffered from bouts of depression, also for many years. Before I found NAET I had changed my diet to a healthy one, began exercising, and did all the research I could to discover what my body was lacking in order for me to experience the level of energy and health I desired. I tried lots of supplements and remedies to improve the function of my thyroid, along with my general health. Nothing seemed to really make much of an improvement, my weight seemed to just stick there and my energy level was very low. I had to complete what was important to me each day in the morning as by about 2 PM I was out of gas for the day. Then one day I was researching on the internet as to what items were show stoppers for weight loss and one was food allergies. This hit a chord of truth with me and I began the search for a practitioner in the area that could help me discover to what foods I was allergic so I could avoid them. Well to my great surprise and delight NAET was not only able to identify the allergies but also eliminate them. I was treated for 4 basic nutrient mixes, two specific metals and one brain hormone, serotonin. Since the treatments my life has been so much improved. I am able to eat healthy foods without indigestion and my body is able to absorb the nutrients and I feel so much better. My energy is higher that I can remember it being in my adult life and am improving. I am able to easily take long walks each day ( 8 miles or so) without any pain or fatigue. I was finally able to lose the weight. My skin is in great condition. The treatment for metals eliminated the rash I had. Best of all is the improvement in my state of mind. Right after the serotonin treatment, I immediately felt happier, more relaxed and generally great. I have not had any depression since then and each day I feel good. After clearing the allergies, I have been taking the nutritional supplements to deal with the deficiencies and for the first time, I notice improvements with taking them. My husband received great benefits from NAET as well. He also suffered from poor digestion. He received five treatments and is now on supplements to deal with his nutritional deficiencies. One outcome of his experience is that he discovered that his tongue has been swollen for as long as he can remember and since the treatments it is no longer swollen. This has resulted in him being able to taste and enjoy food more fully, which is a new experience for him. We both really appreciate your work with us and hold you in high esteem as a very talented healer.

-Thank you, Ken and Sharlene Kerekers

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